” Among the most heart-rending things I learned in school was the Chinese practice of foot-binding for women of the upper classes. It resulted in severely stunted feet, euphemistically called ‘Golden Lotuses’ which could never be used normally. I could vividly imagine the feet of those young girls being subjected to such severe constriction that
” What does the report say? A recent study by TimesJobs states, while 90% employees are interested in participating in corporate stress management programs, it is revealing that 80% of them report that there are no such programs offered by their organizations. It also reported that 60 percent of employees find workplace stress so high that
” Source: People Matters
” According to a report released by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), salaries in India are projected to rise 10% in 2017. The increase is the same as the actual increase in 2016. The 2016 Salary Budget Planning (Q3) Report released by the advisory, broking and solutions company shows interesting trends. What is the report? The
” As part of diversity drive, HSBC has decided to hire only female students as interns for its Global Service Centres (GSCs) from next year. It’s a company commitment to enhance levels of diversity across the Bank.  Pradeep Reddy, Head of Recruitment, said: Our GSC internship programme is just the latest stage in our efforts
” In September 2015, Facebook came out with its first live video in which founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself provided a guided tour to company’s own headquarter at Menlo Park, California. As the camera captured a single mile-long room that housed thousands of employees, cool features like wall graffiti, gymnasium, multi-cuisine cafeterias, comfortable lounges,
” If disruption is the order of the day, what about the people leading companies? What are some things that leaders need to know? In the last decade, businesses have undergone a transformational shift – moving from traditional business models to one that integrates digital technology. Companies are leveraging big data, analytics, cloud and artificial
” If candidates are customers, how do you attract them?  Apart from leveraging the conventional job advertisement, career sites and working with third-party recruiters, companies today are turning to internal facing recruitment marketing strategies. By posting content relevant to candidates on their online platforms and social media channels, they are engaging potential job seekers in
” Disruptive technologies are here to stay; they have become part and parcel of our day to day lives.  Thanks to advanced technology, artificial intelligence is now making computers “think” for themselves. AI technologies viz., expert systems, natural language processing, and robotics are becoming an important part of our everyday lives.  Here’s how they are
” The talent acquisition landscape has evolved significantly. And there are a number of socio-demographic and technological disruptions that are restructuring the talent ecosystem.  One significant change has been a renewed focus on the quality of the hire; even in industries where numbers for recruitment are high. According to a recent report, by the year