NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter A Trained Employee - A Lucrative Investment
” In knowledge-driven economies, the competitive advantage of corporations has come to solely depend on the skills and enterprise of its people. Employees are a company’s strongest competitive advantage – with organisations taking this insight more seriously than ever before, there is an increasing recognition of the fact that in today’s environment, a constant and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Looking back: What these four companies learned in the year 2017
” Wow, we just can’t believe its 2018 already. To mark this year end, People Matters brings you the voices of the leaders across industries to share the top talent trends that they saw emerging as a priority within their organizations and the industries. Skilling emerged as the imperative to reinvent and disrupt: India has
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter People Matters Annual News Wrap 2017
” From Maternity Benefit Act to the #MeToo campaign, there were a lot of developments that kept the news media on its feet. People Matters Annual News Wrap brings you the ones that made buzz in the year 2017. To view the ones that made it to our list, watch the complete video. Also let
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter 10 trends that moved HR in 2017
” The world of work has changed immensely in the past year, impacted by factors that include downsizing, technological advances and a new generation of workers with very different ideas of what employment should look like. In 2017, technology, social media and the gig economy have been the top movers and shakers but there were
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter The next frontiers in recruitment technology
” Technology has been rapidly changing our world of work. Every facet of the talent landscape is being impacted by technology tools from talent acquisition to talent management. We all understand that optimal use of technology will enable more intimate and human interactions across various talent processes while also enhancing our ability to capture information,
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Cardinal mistakes while making leaders from managers
” Have you seen a full-grown tree in parks, gardens, on the road side? How much ability do you have to change the direction of its growth. Can you change the fruits it bears? Can you change the season in which it flowers? At best what you can do is prune its branches or give
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter India HR Tech Startup 2017: Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions
” Globally, the HR technology marketplace is a $400 billion market. While it is a budding market in India, reports suggest that India is expected to grow at the rate of about 25 percent in the next 5 years, and that by 2021, Indian firms can save at least $600 million annually with HR tech.
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Reinvention is the new normal
” Over the past few years, we have seen the workforce and talent models evolve in response to the trends around technology, demographics and profit models. Flexible organization boundaries, “liquid workforce” and accessing talent in an extended ecosystem are increasingly becoming the norm. Specialization is valued now more than ever before and at the same
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Which jobs will be safe?
” With the accelerating pace of automation, AI, robotics and more, there are people all over the world who are worried about their jobs in the future. There are those who think that robots will take away a lot of jobs, and then there is research that states there will be lots of new jobs
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Equations will change in 2018
” Human beings are no strangers to changes in their work-setting. From about 1760 to 1840, the First Industrial Revolution saw humans making the transition to share space with machines. Steam power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the factory system were all by-products of the first major shift. The Second Industrial