Japan’s Aging People and Depopulation: India to Lend New Lease of Life with Its Demographic Dividend – Analysis

The world is aging. Incidentally, rich nations are in the queue. They are Japan, Korea, UK, France, USA and China. Japan is in the lead in the race. “Japan is moving an aging society at a speed, which no other country has ever experienced or will in the near future”, according to Mr Jitsuro Tarashima, Chairman of Japan Research Institute. In 2015, Japan’s population was 127 million. By 2050, it will be lower than 100 million, according to Mr. Jitsuro. Today 28 percent of the Japanese population is above 65 years of age. By 2050, it will touch 38 percent or 38 million above 65 years of age, according to Mr Jitsuro.

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