Employers to pay for staffers breaking rule

Beginning New Year, those caught flouting traffic rules may not only get a earful from their employers, but the latter may also end up paying the penalty. To ensure discipline driving in the city, the police will start writing to the employers of the traffic offenders informing them about the traffic rules their employees have broken. “Once the commuter is caught flouting any traffic rule, he or she will be penalized and their employer’s name and address will also be noted. The traffic department will then send a letter to the employers and inform them about their traffic offence. The employers will be asked to ensure that their staffers follow traffic rules,” said Amita Vanani, assistant commissioner of police (traffic). “We will also seek explanation from the employer. If the offender again flouts traffic rules, we will fine the employer up to Rs 500 for every traffic offence of their employee. A maximum of Rs 25,000 can be collected as penalty from the employer. This will ensure that the employers insist their employees on following all traffic rules. The idea is to instil a sense of disciplined driving among the citizens,” Vanani told TOI


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