NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter IHRP's CEO on setting the standards of excellence for HR
” With a belief that in a region like Singapore, which lacks the abundance of natural resources, success is exclusively driven by the human capital, Mayank Parekh, CEO of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) believes that IHRP has a strategic and key role to play in upgrading and uplifting the human capital practices
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Is inculcating humor in boardrooms, making them less of a bored room?
” Ever wondered why only a couple of hours into an HR induction, half of the audience already seems uninterested? Bygone are the days when employees or clients used to feel hesitant while asking the golden question, ‘when is the meeting ending?’ Most of the boardroom meetings today, end up with participants either exchanging notes
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter A Finance-Talent strategy for the long term: ACCA - People Matters Research Study
” The economic sphere has, in recent times, undergone significant changes. Automation and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly evolving the modern workplace while a changing economic climate has forced organizations to proactively respond to such changes. Job roles are getting restructured and skillset demands are shifting. It is in such times that the ACCA – People
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Webcast: Balancing personal and professional life
” Today’s employees are swamped with work. In an always-connected environment, they are glued to their digital devices 24×7. Whether they are at the office, home or any other remote location, they are under pressure to communicate and deliver as and when the need arises. Understanding a short and long term view of personal and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Beyond the leadership funnel in the digital age
” “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”– Alvin Toffler Alvin Toffler was a prolific writer and futurist who made several bold proclamations that we today accept as everyday truths. In his 1970 magnum opus Future Shock, he explained
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Dial D for Diversity: LGBT inclusion in corporate India
” It’s like a scene out of Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory. The boy genius, Dexter is busy hacking away at his next tech innovation while his mischief-monger sister, Dee Dee tiptoes into the lab. She says, ‘Oooh, what does this button do?’ as she’s about to press the big red button, while Dexter pleads with
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Info Edge appoints new Chief Business Officer
” Info Edge India has appointed Pawan Goyal as the company’s new Chief Business Officer.  The online classified company, Info Edge has appointed Pawan Goyal as the company’s new Chief Business Officer. In his new role, he will manage the business of Naukri.com. Prior to joining Info Edge, Goyal was working with Adobe as the
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Is it right for managers to have soft corner for high performers?
A very good friend of mine shared one of her experiences, where a team member was more favoured by her manager in terms of leaves and waivers in attendance. The realisation that her manager was more inclined towards that particular employee made her furious and frustrated. She learned that she was not the only one
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Oyo makes its way to Saudi Arabia, plans to create over 5,000 jobs by 2020
” Signing deals with 50 hotels in the country for more than 3,000 rooms across seven cities, Oyo enters the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  However, these properties will be operated under the franchise model with full inventory control similar to other markets like India and China.  “We are committed to creating quality, affordable living spaces,
With India being the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world, and jobseekers getting drawn to start-ups like moths to a bulb, it is time to find out what makes these new workplaces so attractive to young employees. Start-ups in the country are known for their flexibility, open culture, liberal policies and practices. Not surprisingly,