NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter BFSI in 2018: Trends & Challenges
” From addressing the demands of the well-informed millennial customers to chatbots, machine learning and blockchain transforming key functions in the Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector, several factors have been reshaping the industry’s landscape. Amidst this digital disruption, talent acquisition and retention remained the key talent priorities for businesses in the BFSI sector
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter The biggest newsmakers of the year 2018
” January 2018: The ‘silence breakers’ The silence breakers made it to top news. Sexual harassment has transcended gender, age, race, income classes, industries, and occupations. The TIME magazine has named the silence breakers as its 2017 Person of the Year. They are individuals who blew the whistle and opened up about the prevalence of
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Changing roles of HR department
” In recent years, the HR community has continued to undergo dramatic changes in its role and influence within organizations of every size and in every industry and every country around the globe. HR leaders have found themselves proposing initiatives and offering solutions that have far-reaching implications for their organizations. Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO’s)
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter HR Trends: The Present & the Future
” While today, technology has changed our life with every single invention & trends are changing faster than time itself, it is also a reality that the initiatives and plans we make for today, may just become obsolete even before the season changes. With machine learning and AI leading the way, being a people manager
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Year 2018 for talent in Retail & FMCG sector
” The industry that has the maximum visibility and brand presence witnessed a good year overall. The year 2018 painted a happy picture for the retail and FMCG sector, and industry experts feel the year 2019 will be more promising for jobs and talent in both these sectors.  The likes of Ikea, Samsung, and Oppo
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter A look back at the year 2018 through HR lens
” Another year is passing by and organizations are planning yet again for the next year before everyone retreats on their Christmas and New Year breaks. Appraisal, Reviews, Rating, Feedback are the words one can hear around HR bays as HR teams gear up for another performance season in many organizations. The year that was…
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Egis Group appoints Sandeep Gulati as the Managing Director, Egis India
” Egis, the Paris headquartered global engineering company, announced Sandeep Gulati as the new Managing Director for Egis India. Sandeep has more than 24 years of varied experience and was previously Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei. For more than two decades, Egis has been one of the leading global integrated infrastructure and engineering
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter The real shift – Agile leadership
” The world we live in today is characterized by increasing complexity and fast-paced change.  Whatever is the purpose of one’s organization – whether a business enterprise, a non-profit or even government, one will find continuous disruption due to technology and other factors. And to be effective in this environment, leaders need to change their
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter 2018 Year in retrospect – Talent trends in the ecommerce sector
” With another year almost in the books, it is a good time to take stock of trends in talent and hiring seen in the ecommerce industry in the past year. This will help us assess the hits and misses and better understand the direction we can expect to take in 2019. Employment Opportunities The
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Enhancing employee operations through technology at KEC International Ltd.
” KEC International Ltd., the flagship company of the RPG Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of electric power transmission towers in India and one of the largest Power Transmission Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies in the world. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company was founded in 1945. Since then the company has come