” Mobile is omnipresent. It has indeed become an integrated part of our lives. My mobile phone wakes me up in the morning; kick starts my day with apps like inshorts. My smartphone is my office letting me access to spreadsheets, respond to emails, texts and make majority of calls. In short I consider it
” Fox Mandal, leading law firm opens an incubation centre by the name ‘Orygin’ in Bangalore for start-ups and digital techs with the aim to nurture and provide sufficient handholding to budding companies, so that they can grow in their respective forte.  Orygin will have a selection criterion through which it will screen and identify
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It simply makes good business sense to empower employees to elect the people they will be following every workday for at least the next year. True democracy in the workplace – based on trust, transparency, and partnership – demonstrates at the most fundamental level that we’re all in this together Source: HR Blog
We as adults are interested in learning that will lead to a better quality of life and higher self-esteem, not just in higher pay or promotion. You can help your team members understand that learning new skills may allow them to exhibit their expertise and creativity to influence more people and different projects, leading to
It’s a tough world out there, with newer technologies eating the older behemoths and pushing them in oblivion. It’s a matter of time before we see organizations restructure themselves to face the new world order, that is hyper-connected and hyper-automated. So what can you do to avoid slipping into oblivion when restructuring happens, try doing
Germans like things to be on time (at work, when expecting parcels from the post office, or when waiting for subways). This means: we love to make regular appointments. So when it comes to a project, we will probably ask for more than one meeting to discuss the status of the work done so far.