NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Tasting chocolate for approx. $15 an hour
Cadbury is looking for professional chocolate tasters for their chocolate-tasting team. These tasters will be required to work around eight hours a week and earn about £10.75 an hour, which works out to approx. $14.32, an hour. Mondelez International, owner of businesses, such as Cadbury, Oreo, Milka, and Green & Blacks, is hiring four chocolate
NCP MP Supriya Sule has introduced a Private Member’s Bill in the Lok Sabha to give employees the right to not respond to communication from employers outside of office hours. The Right to Disconnect Bill mandates companies to detail out-of-work demands “as a way to reduce stress and ease tension between an employee’s personal and
Only 23 per cent labour working in railways are being paid minimum wages, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India said after reviewing 463 contracts, in a report submitted in Parliament Tuesday, a day when 10 central trade unions have called a nationwide strike for labour rights. The auditor in its report ‘Compliance to Statutory
The number of women working in rural India is declining at a greater pace than that among women in the urban workforce, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of government data. Sustained high economic growth since the early 1990s has led to improved education and health indicators among India’s women. Yet, women accounted for no more than 25%
China’s era of cheap labour seems to be over. With wages hitting $472, a manufacturing worker in China now costs much more than any other worker in emerging economy. The country is immediately followed by Thailand and Malaysia. On the other hand, India is far behind. Indian workers get just half of what Chinese workers
Beginning New Year, those caught flouting traffic rules may not only get a earful from their employers, but the latter may also end up paying the penalty. To ensure discipline driving in the city, the police will start writing to the employers of the traffic offenders informing them about the traffic rules their employees have
Ten years after Wall Street recklessness helped lead to the Great Recession, compensation for top bank CEOs is soaring even as pay flattens at junior levels. Compensation figures released so far by large banks this year suggest a rich season for CEOs, despite myriad worries for markets, including slowing global growth, trade wars and Brexit
In anticipation of a sharp downturn in revenue, video game maker Activision Blizzard will be laying off 800 workers. This move comes on the heels of the best year in the company’s history. Activision is cutting back about eight percent of its total workforce. The company will bear the cost of severance pays and other
A college education may be seen as necessary today, but it is becoming increasingly less relevant for professional success. One of the primary reasons for this is the rising popularity of online skill development platforms and their effectiveness in teaching new skills. Consider what made an engineering degree highly prized over the last three decades? The
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Here’s how storytelling enhances leadership presence and self-awareness
” What is storytelling?  Language has been a key tool since the very beginning of development to communicate thoughts and put the mind into action. Storytelling, using the medium of a language, has been a means to transfer centuries of wisdom from one generation to another.  Stories are impactful because it has been a vital