How to ‘sharpen the saw’ in a digital era?
” A story of two workers cutting wood while working at the same place is one that most of us are familiar with. The words ‘same place’ is a reference to an economics axiom ‘other things are being equal’ meaning same working hours and conditions. Yet, one produces better results compared to the other.  What
Google to invest in a Chinese e-commerce giant
” The US-based technology giant, Google is investing $500 million in China’s second-largest e-commerce player, In response to this, Google will receive over 27 million newly issued Class A ordinary shares at an issue price of $20.29 per share. According to the reports, the partnership aims at uniting’s experience and technology in
People Matters & Oracle webcast – Talent strategy for the future of work
” The future of talent demands innovative ‘out-of-box’ thinking to help tackle the biggest threats and opportunities that may come out of a traditional industry. In this context, what are some of the key shifts that HR professionals should be aware of? From working on your EX (employee experience) to impact your CX (Customer Experience),
Nearly 70% of the entire Google staff is male: Google Diversity Report 2018
” In its fifth annual diversity study, Google reported that despite the company’s efforts, race and gender ratios are hardly changing.  Nearly 70 percent of the entire Google staff was male in 2017. This has been the trend since 2014 which shows that not much has improved regarding Google’s diversity practices. Danielle Brown, VP –
UPES ropes in Ex TATA Design & Innovation Chief as Director
” In order to further strengthen its academic excellence, UPES,  a private University has roped in former design and innovation chief at Tata Interactive Systems- Manisha Mohan as Director, School of Design (SoD). The University also announced the joining of Vikas Satwalekar as a distinguished Professor at SoD.  Commenting on Manisha Mohan’s appointment, Dr. Deependra
4 Employee attitudes that bosses can’t tolerate
” Employees are the greatest strength and asset for any organization. But at times employees display behaviors that are not amenable to the culture of the company. Such employees not only undermine the values of the organization but also bring down the morale of co-workers. The common signs of a destructive employee are an antagonistic
The flattened reality 
of ‘flat offices’
” One of the things that startups often proclaim with much pride in hiring communication is something called a ‘flat office’. Often, this is accompanied by how one can take up issues, comments, suggestions and such-like matters, if any, with CEOs of the said company, directly; the more radical ones even commit to CEO’s time
Turning Snakes into Ladders – How do you deal with negative leadership traits?
” “Vani is known to be extremely diligent, hard-working, has high standards and very high degree of ownership. She is offered the responsibility for managing an existing stable business due to her credibility built by delivering high quality work consistently.” “Kevin joined the organization directly from college. He is ambitious, confident, charismatic which has helped
Is An ‘Employer of Choice’ Best For You?
” If you do an Internet search on the ‘Employer of Choice,’ you are likely to get around half a million results. It is justifiably a hot topic these days. With talent shortages in many fields, organizations are keen to ensure that they attract, and retain top talent. Hence, many organizations are working hard to
The growing Indian industry – An assessment of government reforms
” Did you know that India has jumped a record 30 places in the ‘World Bank’s Doing Business Report’- 2018 to achieve 100th rank? In fact, the country was one of the top performers and was credited with registering the highest ever jump.  Three years ago, the Indian Prime Minister Modi announced an ambitious aspiration
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