NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Is your organization volunteer ready?
” A lot of organizations have employees already volunteering in different places or are very interested in doing so; it thus becomes essential to make such activities a part of the company and in addition to the bigger picture. According to Aditya Nagpal, Director & BU Head, Goodera, “We think that inherently each one of
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Is Asia finally ready to leverage new opportunities in aviation sector?
” As Asia faces rising population and fast emerging economies, many countries are witnessing a boom of tertiary service industries. Among many, one that is projected to grow significantly in the coming years in the Asia Pacific is the aviation sector. To understand the scope of this rise, one projection by the International Air Transport
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Knowing biases helps leaders in making smart decisions
” Leadership is about making decisions. The decisions you make build your reputation for sound judgment. Even though the process of decision-making might seem intuitive, there are systematic ways of making smart decisions, according to Dr. Pradnya Parasher who conducted a masterclass on ‘Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions Too?’ at the People Matters L&D
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Helping retrenched workers find jobs again in Singapore
” Layoffs in modern-day economies have become more prevalent. With technology actively reshaping business processes, human talent has now become variable in business equations and often in places where the variable stands out, they are simply let go. And in the case of south-east Asian countries, a region with a significant working population, there has
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Why 87% of Malaysians are thinking of switching to a new career path
” About 87 percent of Malaysians are looking to make a career switch in search of “the best job,” according to a survey conducted by Monster.com 45 percent of the respondents said they were looking for financial stability and better salary while 29 percent said their current realm of work did not offer them further
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Video: Culture of learning at scale
” With contractual & gig workforce models entering organizational structures, organizations will continue to struggle with building learning cultures as an ongoing process. Watch this session to know what this means for L&D functions and how they can re-calibrate to adapt to new employment models and still deliver to the business.   Source: People Matters
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How to Engage Your Unconnected Employees
” In today’s competitive and volatile business environment, finding the best talent is no longer enough. Employers and leaders need to be able to effectively engage their employees in order to help them develop their potential. However, studies and surveys have repeatedly shown that organizations are struggling to engage their employees and that they are
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Designing volunteering experiences for your workforce
” The workshop was divided into four sections, starting with Aditya Nagpal, Director & BU Head, Goodera discussing the different stages of volunteering and how companies can scale volunteer programs, followed by a case study by Svetlana Pinto, Country Head Communications & CSR, Novartis India on how Novartis is using volunteering for better employee engagement,
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Company terminates 236 engineers on the grounds of six weeks mass leave
” Pune-based Auto parts manufacturer company, ZF Steering Gear has sacked 236 engineers after they were found culpable of going on mass leave for more than six weeks without notifying anyone in the organization. The company officials stated in media that the company had terminated the employment contract of 236 engineers after they proceeded on
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Senior level restructuring at Pepperfry
” In a move to strengthen its core leadership team for new business expansion plans, Pepperfry.com has re-aligned its core leadership team and appointed new personnel at senior positions.  Hussaine Kesury who was previously handling the Pepperfry furniture business has assumed a new role as the Chief Activation Officer and Mihir Kulkarni has been elevated