NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Five strategies to embed analytics in your bank’s DNA
” The value proposition of data analytics dovetails with some of the most important priorities of Indian banks today. From cutting down non-performing assets (NPAs), reducing account dormancy and profiling profitable customers to driving targeted customer acquisition and increasing business from the newly banked, analytics makes a critical difference to key banking processes. According to
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Skills for Future Jobs: Technology & the future of work in India
” What if we tell you that many jobs would no longer be available in near future and many others would be transformed anew? This era of rapid digitalization and advancements demands upgradation into latest technology and skill sets in order to stay in the competition.  Quest Alliance in partnership with Tandem Research and supported
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Goldstone Infratech plans to create 10,000 jobs in next five years
” Goldstone Infratech Ltd. (GIL), which manufactures electric buses through a technical collaboration with China’s BYD has announced its plans to create up to 10,000 jobs in India in the next five years. It also aims to set up a joint venture firm to cater to R&D and after sales service facilities. Job creation and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter What are top tech giants saying in their job postings
” “You are what your record says you are,” said the former famous American football coach Bill Parsons. This holds equally true for companies and the communication they send out. Every word that a company chooses to communicate with prospective and current employees inevitably shapes not only the brand image but also the culture of
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Go Air sues its former MD Prock-Schauer for stealing data
” Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, who left Go Air and joined IndiGo in February 2018 as COO has been sued by its former employer in the Bombay High Court for allegedly stealing confidential data.  As per the court’s document, the alleged theft of information occurred within a week of him joining IndiGo.  As per the report, a
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Enron’s PRC: A walk down memory lane of a symbol of poor governance
” PRCs adoption in the 90s was the initial step towards feeding a money-hungry unethical culture. Enron was the model organization – soaring business, stable and rising stock, great place to work; a stock broker’s darling, an employee’s love. It was run efficiently, so much so that its operational efficiency was cited as an industry
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Here are a few Companies that offer the coolest onboarding experience
” Onboarding programs give new joiners the first impression of an organization and condition them for their stint. As they say, first impressions matter, so every organization would want their new hire to have a pleasurable experience during their first week at the job.  The best onboarding programs aren’t just about administering or giving away
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How to make the workplace inclusive
” Having the ability to adapt our language to get the best from colleagues is a skill we value and this ability should be applied equally to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). For example, avoiding addressing emails with ‘Dear Gents’ and using ‘Dear All’ instead will help to ensure female recipients don’t feel marginalized.  “An
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter 5 ways HR will be affected by Artificial Intelligence
” If the 19th century was electricity’s and the 20th was electronics’, this century will definitely be the century of AI. This is but the inevitable result of our exponential growth. What we have achieved in the past few years totally surpasses decades ago, and marks up an evolutionary point. Just take a look at
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter 5 proactive steps companies can take to tackle the gender pay gap
” Gender income inequality has been an issue that has affected women and made them feel discriminated since long. It’s high time that companies get proactive and create a robust plan for eradicating internal pay gaps. According to LeanIn.org, in the United States, women on an average earn 20 percent less than men. This hurts