NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Walk the talk and look forward– Leadership lessons from Classic Texts
” Once there was a poor woodcutter, whose wooden axe fell into a lake. There appeared a fairy, who brought a golden and a silver axes from the lake one by one. The poor woodcutter refused to accept because these axes did not belong to him. Finally, she brought the wooden axe, which the woodcutter
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter 7 Must read articles on performance management
” The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance. -Brian Tracy While performance appraisal over the years has evolved, it remains a significant process for the organizations across industries. With March being the month of appraisal, People Matters brought you a series of articles to help you gear up
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Here’s why coaching is becoming result driven
” People, processes, and technology – these are widely accepted as the troika that drives organizations. It would appear that advancement in the inanimate ones among these is more measurable, predictive and rapid, compared to that in the animated ones. Further, the rate at which processes and technology change is nearly impossible to achieve with
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Design Thinking: How to master empathy at the workplace
” “We spend a lot of time designing the bridge,  but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it,” -Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Director of Systems Design, Earth Institute The above quotation got me thinking. A lot of effort will be of no use if the design is not going to help the
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter ‘80% of the changes which drive growth stem from human capital’
” Michael Burke is the CEO – Talent, Rewards and Performance, Aon Hewitt. In this interview, he talks about how HR is transforming due to digital disruption, leadership imperatives, and key labor trends in the global landscape With the sale of Aon’s benefits administration and HR BPO platform to Blackstone and the acquisition of assessments
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter What recruiters need to know about emotional intelligence
” The need to hold on to great talent with desirable behavior is increasing in today’s world with competition soaring high amid an acute scarcity of good professionals., These candidates may be dissatisfied with the way they’re treated in a company to find employment elsewhere. This calls for the integration of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Delhi/NCR to create seven lakh jobs – Report
” Given the current employment scenario, India’s transition from farm-to-non-farm jobs will be spearheaded by the sales domain. The report highlighted that the sales area has the caliber to create around seven lakh jobs in Delhi/NCR and ten million jobs in pan India.  According to the report, FMCG and FMCD sector is likely to create
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Randstad launches Perm Plus, targets early to mid-career placements
” Randstad, a human resources consulting firm that provides  end-to-end HR services, announced the addition of Perm Plus, a new brand under the Randstad Recruitment suite. This targeted offering focuses on the early to mid-career placements – the largest job segment accounting for nearly 50% of the annual job creation in the country. Perm Plus complements
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Science of talent attraction in 2018: Indeed
” Indeed’s survey with FocusVision shows that 97 percent of people are actively looking for job opportunities at least few times a year, out of which 90 percent of them are seeking out for job opportunities monthly. However, there is a small portion of respondents (3 percent) who are happy with their current roles and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter What is Digital BLUR and how to Use it?
” Digital blur is an exquisite framework created by KNOLSKAPE which helps an organization understand and cope with the disruption caused by the digital revolution. BLUR is an acronym for Boundaryless organization, Limitless digitization Unbounded innovation, and Relentless iteration.  It is essential to understand that it is not a thing but a way of using