NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter What is the role of IT and L&D in digital transformation?
” A lot has been said about digital transformation – right from its impact on the changing business models to its role in enabling talent to succeed. Talent and L&D leaders need to understand key IT concepts and tools that will be critical to enable enterprise transformation. In this webcast, we will deep dive into
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How to deal with resistance to training?
” There may be many reasons why employees resist training – it could be due to work pressures, the relevance of training, motivation levels and the availability of engaging learning programs. How are learning companies tackling this problem? What are some innovations that learning companies are turning to? Join Dr Allen Partridge, a globally renowned
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How does short-term programs accelerate digital transformation?
” “There is no one giant step that does it, it is a lot of little steps” – Peter A. Cohen  To help accelerate the dynamic digital transformation agenda of the company, the HR function should pay special attention to its short-term programs (or micro HR transformations).  Well-aligned short-term programs help businesses succeed. So, what
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How to boost engagement at talent management strategy?
” Understanding how to engage your employees requires you to understand how your employees behave. And transforming the way your employees engage means leaving behind the expense, tardiness, and inefficiency you might be experiencing with existing platforms. The business imperative today is to be able to manage, customize and analyze the staff feedback with low-cost,
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Great places to work in India: Manufacturing and Retail
” The Great Place to Work Institute India has announced the top employers in Manufacturing and Retail.In January 2018, a list of the top manufacturing companies list was released, and recently, the institute released the top retail employers in India. According to the institute’s website, it “conducts research and recognizes the best workplaces in more
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Video: 3 trends that are changing learning based technology
” Listen to what experts in L&D have to say about how learning technologies are evolving in the face of disruptive technological changes including Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, Virtual Reality or Content Curation. This video is a part of the #GetSetLearn series brought to you by SumTotal and Skillsoft in association with People Matters. Read
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter India leading in digital and tech preparedness: Dell EMC survey
” The rapid pace of evolution of technology in the last few years has made it difficult to correctly predict the future of technological work style. In an age where newer versions of technologies are launched even before previous ones have been assimilated, the future is an uncertain place with several unanswered questions. Dell EMC
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter A proposed new logic for employee engagement
” Developed from our fundamental research and consulting practice, our new approach to employee engagement investigates dilemmas that derive from the tensions caused by the value differences between employing organizations and employees. For example, on the one hand, should we be directing/hands-on with staff, or on the other hand, empowering staff to be self-controlling and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Does a gender equal organization exist?
” To have a gender diverse workforce is being seen not only as instrumental in improving a company’s performance but also as a mandate that firms can no longer choose to ignore. Companies have started to realize that the benefits of embracing diversity are both perceptible as well as imperceptible, and they are ready to
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Axis Bank's CIO Amit Sethi asked to resign
” Axis Bank has asked his almost five-year-old employee, Amit Sethi to resign from his post of President and Chief Information Officer. The exit has been caused by a letter from the whistleblower to the bank’s management. As per speculation, the letter contained allegations of irregularities and inappropriate deals. The complaint was regarding the functioning