NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Can we rely on AI to eliminate workplace bias?
” A report by Accenture reveals that AI could double annual economic growth rates in 2035 by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine. Among all the benefits the technology offers, what grabbed our attention was its ability to eliminate workplace bias. According to leading media houses and
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Interview: Sasken Technologies & Talent management
” In an interaction with People Matters, Arif Khan, Chief HR Officer, Sasken Technologies Limited, talks about the new wave of technologies and how re-skilling is an important aspect of the talent pitch, and also how employee engagement initiatives help employees create the connection with the organizational values. Arif is responsible for Global HR including
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Humanizing leadership in the AI world
” Organizations have changed tremendously over the past few decades. Reflecting back 20-30 years reminds us of structured, clear definitions, and a predictable and stable business world. That world is gone now because of technological advancements, regulations, and globalization, today we have a strikingly different organization with new assets. Having the right people is amongst
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Try Using the Game of Bridge to train your people
” Have you ever thought of sending your employees to a two days bridge camp for training purposes? Or by any chance have you used this game as a training tool? Sounds weird, isn’t it? Well, I have quite often used it as a training tool in my workshops owing to its benefits on how
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Belong extends their AI-based hiring platform for sales and marketing
” The Bengaluru-based recruitment startup, Belong expands its recruiting solution to assist companies in hiring right professionals for sales and marketing roles across various industries.  In an e-mail conversation with Vijay Sharma, CEO of Belong, he explains Belong’s ranking algorithm blends contextual insights on both candidates and companies to create strong indicators of relevant, high-quality
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter PNB to close down or relocate loss-making branches
” The Punjab National Bank as part of its consolidation plan is going to close down, merge and relocate 200-300 of its loss-making branches over the next few months, according to the latest media report. According to Sunil Mehta, managing director, and chief executive, Punjab National Bank. “We have closed 2 or 3 branches so
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Service sector embracing gig economy in India the fastest:Indeed Study
” Recent data from Indeed suggests that the Indian labour market is experiencing a shift towards a gig economy, with an increasing number of workers seeking contractual or freelancing opportunities. With recruiters too rethinking their remote work programs, 7.7% of all companies posting on the Indeed platform in India offer flexible work opportunities. In addition,
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter B2X GmBH appoints Deep Prakash Pant as CEO India
” B2X, the leading provider of customer care services for smart mobile and consumer IoT devices, has appointed Deep Prakash Pant as the Chief Executive Officer for B2X India. He will be replacing Max Grabmayr who will resume a new position at the B2X headquarter in Munich, Germany.  In this role, Deep will lead the
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter SpringPeople expands corporate training in AI, UX, Robotics
” With digital services experiencing stronger growth than traditional IT services, there is an increasing demand for digitally skilled talent. By 2025, digital services are expected to grow from the current 14% to 38% of the total on IT services spends. In an effort to assist corporates leverage the exponential growth in the market, SpringPeople,
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Mirroring: Organizational positivism reflect on employee's success
” “Wow! I look so nice and smart today”, could be the expression sometimes when we look in the mirror. However, there could also be days where we aren’t as enthusiastic or upbeat as we’d like ourselves to be. While it should be the endeavor of any human being to stay positive, keep smiling and