NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter ABC Consultants invests in QuezX.com
” Premier recruitment firm ABC Consultants has acquired a stake in QuezX.com, an online recruitment aggregator, as per a release issued by the company.  In addition to a Series A investment in QuezX, ABC Consultants also announced that has combined HeadHonchos – its online business unit, with QuezX’s operations.   The merged entity will now
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter What HR needs to know about mobile-enabled recruitment
” The rise of the smartphone and an increase in internet penetration has transformed talent to a digitally savvy workforce. The mobile phone is gaining popularity as the go-to medium not only to receive candidate applications but to engage talent throughout the recruitment lifecycle including job search, compliance, communications and social media interactions. Why mobile
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Flexible work arrangement preferred by employees: Survey
” According to the recent survey by JobBuzz, work life balance and job timings are increasingly becoming important factors of consideration for job seekers. The survey which has taken into account the responses of 1,800 employees shows that flexible work arrangement is available to half of the employees surveyed, but are they making the best
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Impact of 'Right of Privacy' ruling on Employee Monitoring
” In the backdrop of ‘Right to Privacy’ ruling by apex court where privacy was declared as a fundamental right because it is intrinsic to the right to life. Also, the judgment urged the Government to quickly bring-in data protection law to ensure the privacy of citizens. Delving into this aspect, we also know that
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How to drive talent agility to increase productivity and efficiency
” We live in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world that continues to be reshaped dramatically by a host of disruptive digital technologies. Industries and business models are getting transformed, and consumers increasingly expect products and services on demand. Adapting quickly to this uber-dynamic landscape is the key, for both individuals and organizations.A crucial aspect
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How companies helped employees in beating the Mumbai rains
” Even as the city of Mumbai struggled to hold its own against the raging rains yesterday, organizations played their part in keeping employees safe and sound. Be it by helping employees in reaching their homes safely, arranging for food for all in the office premises, or providing comfortable accommodation for the night, companies did
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter From an HR manager to an entrepreneur
” Indranil Chakraborty, Founder, StoryWorks quizzes Raghav Bahl, Founder, Quintillion Media about what is it like to build a media business from scratch. Raghav Bahl talks about how being an HR manager helped in his entrepreneurial journey, as twenty-five years after, it is still all about getting the right fit for the organization. Watch the
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Listen to workforce 2020 at People Matters TechHR 2017
” Indranil Chakraborty plays a wonderful host to GenZ as they share their expectations from their future bosses; that their mentors in the future should give them the creative freedom, and that they are looking for a symbiotic relationship with their immediate managers when it comes to goal settings. It needs to be a win-win
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter The value of knowing that you are invaluable!
” Usually, any mental or emotional stress first manifests through the bodily symptoms — lethargy, unwillingness to do daily chores, not enjoying oneself in what one does, poor performance, becoming easily distracted etc. And all these can be detected in an organizational set up easily than anywhere else.  No, I am not giving you a
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter How data repositories can facilitate employment verification market
” Job creation is one of the most critical priorities for India with over 10 million young people entering the job market every year. According to a UN report, India will witness over a billion people entering the job market by 2050. Contrast this with the fact that a total of 460 million people were