NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Can HR use drones?
” Drone recruitment  With the world of recruitment adapting to the rapid pace of technology evolution, firms are thriving under constant pressure to come up with various creative ways of attracting top talent. An increasing number of businesses are coming up with unusual solutions and strategies to find the right top talent. You must be
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Your employee ID card can be used for making payments at company cafes
” Zeta, India’s most revolutionary digital employee benefit solutions provider, has launched Zeta Super ID – a unique payment solution that uses an employee’s existing company ID card to make payments. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Zeta can now turn any office ID card into a Super ID and enable cashless payments at office cafeterias.
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter The making of a bad boss: Decoded
” That bosses are infamous for being unreasonable and mean is no secret. But according to two separate surveys that have grabbed headlines recently, there are two very distinct bad boss characteristics that have been identified as the most unacceptable.  Taking credit for a subordinate’s work is the worst HR software firm Bamboo HR surveyed
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Using technology to drive the diversity agenda
” Conversations about diversity began around 1948 when President Truman officially integrated the armed forces with Executive Order 9981, thus making discrimination based on ‘race, color, religion or natural origin’ illegal for all members of the armed services. More specifically at the workplace, over forty years later as we saw the tech boom in full
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Keep employees engaged, empowered and motivated
” Employee engagement is a situation where workers feel mentally and emotionally connected to their jobs, their managers, their co-workers and to the organization’s vision, mission and goals.  They are dedicated to their jobs and are more than willing to walk the extra mile in their roles, thus helping their firms to succeed.    
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter HR challenges and interventions for organizations
” The rapidly transforming social & technological landscape means that the business and workforce of future is going to change in the way they operate hugely.  My first-hand experience with my current organisation lets me know that there is an increasing focus on a) using big-data (not only in HR space), b) enhancing work efficiencies
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter New minimum wage code Bill approved in the Union Cabinet
” On 26th July 2017, the Union Cabinet approved the new minimum wage code bill. The bill is expected to be introduced in the Parliament during the ongoing monsoon session which will conclude on 11th August. The proposed legislative change is projected to benefit over 4 crore employees across the country by ensuring a minimum
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter New trends in managing Human Resources
” Human Resource Management is the backbone of any organization because it provides the human capital, without which it is just not possible to conduct business.  Earlier HR handled administrative tasks like personnel files and paperwork only, ensuring that employees got their paychecks and benefits on time, processing performance reviews and managing the occasional crisis
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter Here's how Millennials have re-defined engagement
” You’ve read enough about Millennials. You probably don’t need this!There has been enough said about what changed in the world when Millennials were growing up, and what shaped their world view. And the only thing over which there exists a sort of consensus is that there’s confusion in how we understand them. The character
NHRDN - Mumbai Chapter ‘AceTrac’ employability enhancement program launched by MeritTrac
”   As organizations are adopting new innovative technologies, there is a growing need for skilled talent to fill new roles emerging in the marketplace. To solve the present talent challenges for corporates, MeritTrac Services, Premier Testing and Assessment Company, recently launched ‘AceTrac’ unique employability enhancement program. Unlike other tests that only measure the state