” Qlik has appointed Julian Quinn as Regional Vice President for Qlik in Asia Pacific (APAC). Quinn will be responsible for leading and expanding Qlik’s operations throughout the region including ASEAN, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan markets.  With over 30 years of experience in the IT Industry, Quinn
” In the virtual conference organized by People Matters, T N Hari, the Head HR at BigBasket shares little nuggets of critical insights for scaling-up. 1. Create a High Performance Culture: a) Create a sense of speed and urgency: Set the pace, direction, and expectations in every interaction. The consistency of messages you communicate and
” As you change, evolve and grow, you are faced with choices to make every step of the way. As a business leader, you would recognize that there is a lot of intelligence in your team. So how do you to tap into that collective genius? Carol Talbot says that the journey starts with “you”.
” Lord Janus, a Roman God had four eyes to look at both sides. Similarly, organizations have to be extremely proactive on focusing on current skill requirement and what are the skills required for future to remain competitive. Becoming ambidextrous is not easy, as most of us focus on the current requirement, with little care
” In a recent study by TimesJobs over 80% of working professionals surveyed admitted that they are overworked with nearly 60% claiming that the workload has worsened compared to last year. The study highlights many issues in the workplace that mostly go unmentioned, practices that are leading to stress resulting in several health and performance
” Oracle released a Global Engagement Study that includes feedback from nearly 5,000 full-time employees at organisations with 250 or more employees. The study indicated that equipping employees with the latest technology, having accessible leaders and strong company values are important factors that ultimately reflect an employee’s success or failure within the company. Digital Enablement
” The most pertinent question a leader and the organizations face when they want to start and then scale-up is ‘Where to hire the right talent from?’ Is it ok to build your team from scratch, or buy from your competitors with sufficient compensation or will it be based on contracts? The second question which
” Markets and Markets, a global market research and consulting firm estimates the Human Capital Management (HCM) market to grow from USD 12.59 Billion in 2016 to USD 19.88 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 9.6 percent. These numbers are attracting a lot of attention from both global and local players in the Indian
” While many of us may think, it is large companies that dominate but in reality it is over 5.5 crore (55 million) small units that drive our economy through manufacturing trading, services etc. With huge potential to grow across country and beyond, the sector consists of 36 million units contributing 8% to country’s GDP.
” It is said ignorance is bliss. And anyone who has seen the salary slip of a better-paid colleague is likely to agree. In such a situation suddenly, questions about your own value and worth crop up and you feel resentful towards your otherwise-friendly boss, or the unaware colleague in question. And if the said