” As SMEs scale, new roles emerge and existing roles may become redundant. Is talent acquisition the only answer to this challenge? Hear from an experience entrepreneur how talent development across levels can help SMEs manage this challenge and scale up seamlessly. Makrand is the Chairman & Managing Director at Emmbi Industries Limited founded in
” The role of a leader in a small or medium enterprise (SME) is inarguably different than that of a just-launched start-up, or a big and mature organisation. Start-ups require their leaders and managers to exist in a constant state of flux, and often executing all-hands-on-deck approach on a daily basis, with being exceptionally involved
” For any enterprise big or small, growth is the ultimate goal. But most often than not, growth proves to be an elusive goal to achieve. Even though every business organization has to go through growth-pangs at some time, the situation is often rather intense for SMEs as compared to larger organizations. Small and medium-scale
” In the age of digital disruption, no element of work in any function can survive without digital adoption. Understanding the need of current times, Motilal Oswal Financial Services went through HR conversion, where they completely revamped their human resource processes with the help of digital technology.  With the attempt of making HR simpler, Motilal
” Global talent Management Consulting Firm, Development Dimensions International (DDI) appointed Dipali Naidu as Head of Consulting in India. Dipali has over 19 years of work experience in leading Cross Border and Cross-Cultural assignments as an HR Generalist and Learning and Organization Development specialist in MNC’s as well as Large Indian Retail Businesses. Her responsibilities
” Aircel, a cellular service major announced the termination of its 10% pan-India staff strength i.e. around 700 employees. The move was a part of the first stage manpower downsizing.  As per the media reports, these are the first set of redundancies identified by Aircel to reduce the duplication of human resources meanwhile preparing for the
” When to start doing “formal” performance reviews, how to structure talent conversations and link that to growth for the individual and the organizations? Do these questions haunt you? In the virtual conference on SME Talent organized by People Matters, Shyamla Deshpande, Consultant and veteran HR practitioner, explores how to build performance management systems when
” In today’s volatile environment Industries are compelled to downsize to meet the costs.  While facing economic downturn organizations must carefully asses all its options and consider the feasibility at all fronts. While the pain of downsizing can’t be avoided entirely, but it can definitely be mitigated.  So, how can companies soften their blow ensuring
” Leadership programs are costly. And companies invest a significant amount in their budget. According to one study, companies invest $15 billion in leadership programs every year. But the efficacy of the program is often called into question. And a number of surveys indicate that many employees are dissatisfied with their leaders.  Terry Traut of
” The apex body of retailers in India called as RAI (Retailers Association of India) launched new business-networking platform RAI GlobalLinker for small and medium retailers.  To develop the platform, RAI teamed up with GlobalLinker, a global business-networking platform for SMEs and Startups. In an effort create a conducive environment for retailers, RAI GlobalLinker equips independent