” FOMO or the ‘fear of missing out’ is REAL and there isn’t a better way of saying it.  No one feels good when they are left out either by friends of colleagues at work. But, let’s face it: it happens and will continue to whether you like it or not. You might be those
” Former CEO of Nirula’s corner house, Samir Kuckreja has joined Zomato’s top management team. Zomato is one of the known online restaurant discovery platform and Samir will be leading its food tech firm’s cloud-based point of sale product, Zomato Base, as President. Zomato Base was launched last year. It offers convenient restaurant features to
” The human resource department plays a wide variety of different roles in the success of an organization. To compete in an ever-changing world, businesses must frequently realign themselves. Organizational development is a way to improve a company through this change process. When done effectively, organizational development focuses on the best use of the company’s
” What do musicians want as rewards? In corporates, the strategy of rewards is very structured — you are today a manager, you aspire to be a senior manager as a reward for your job well-done. But has it ever occurred to you that your favourite pop-star, or band do not have a reward strategy?
Mother nature is diverse, and it benefits are seen everywhere, we have multiple species of animals and plants. Together all of them make up the ecosystem and grow with and through each other. It stands true for organisations too; it is a well-known fact that having a diverse team leads to a better organisation. Research
” Srinivas Kanuda, Capgemini India’s chief executive believes that 60-65% of IT employees are not trainable. At the Nasscom leadership summit in Mumbai, he said that a large number of people employed in the IT cannot be trained according to the shift in nature of work, and India is likely to witness unemployment in the
” Amid mixed signal of growth post the demonetisation period, the Indian job market seems to be posed to pick up where it left off. Leading recruitments and staffing firms have noted that hiring across several sectors is likely to increase by 50% as compared to the November-December levels, says a news report. Leading recruitment
” Travis Kalanick, CEO, Uber, has ordered an ‘urgent investigation’ at the organisation, after allegations of harassment and gender bias were levelled by a former employee.  Susan Fowler, in her blog, recounted sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender during her tenure with Uber, which started in November 2015. Although the allegations and
” Creating a high performing culture in an organization involves attracting some of the best talent in the marketplace. In a virtual panel discussion during the SME Talent Week, Meena Ganesh, CEO at Portea and Dinesh R, CHRO, OYO Rooms and Meher Sarid, President and Group President (HR,Brand MarComm & Corporate Affairs) of Oxigen reflected
” Vikas Joshi, HR Senior Director at PepsiCo Asia Middle East and North Africa takes an in-depth session on how can the SME leadership investing in SaaS-based technology to drive compliance, reduce risk and offer efficient HR services at reasonable pricing. The session focussed on enabling and empowering people across the organizations, and helping individuals