” Muhammad Ali’s words – “I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Motivational videos showing sportsmen or teams celebrating their success, aimed at goading you to aim for the same, rarely go on to tell you what it takes,
” The Budget 2017 tried to accommodate several antidotes for demonetisation, and, set the tone for the economy for the future. Benefits and investments were expected as a logical pacification to the chaos and uncertainty that prevailed in the country lately. To that extent, the announcements regarding education, digital payments, investments, transportation, defence, healthcare, food,
” Amid protests today, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017.  After the sudden demise of Former Union Minister and MP, E. Ahamed , it seemed that budget would be postponed untill tomorrow. But nevertheless, the Budget was presented steadfastly. As per the convention, the House adjourns for a day whenever a sitting MP
” In a study conducted by Hay Group, it was found that the senior leadership team in an organization are more likely to overrate themselves and develop blindspots that will eventually hinder their effectiveness as leaders. Another study by DDI found that 89 percent of front-line leaders have at least one blind spot in their
” Actions that manifest a BMW Micheal Dell bought a BMW at 18, decades later, Ravi Subramanian, did the same not at 18 though. What actions do we as companies, HR professionals take to manifest anything we want? Not ‘the secret’, but simple tasks. These are relevant whether you are a student, new to industry,
” Change! That’s a word that seems to hound almost every other business, the management, and their people at work. Change in processes, systems, structure, markets and many more… The theory of management states that ‘Change’ is a process, and it involves ideas, thoughts, processes and systems that are understood and driven by people within
” Much has been said about the young millennial workforce, their work ethics, their capabilities and their general demeanor at the workplace. Some experts and commentators, like Simon Sinek even believe them to be spoilt (with little or no fault of their own). Organizations, young and old, believe that all millennials care about are free