” It is a well-known fact that a difficult and bad boss can be responsible for stressing you out, slowing down your career, denying you appreciation or credit, or downright making your life hellish. But do you believe that bad behaviour, towards you by your boss, can change your personality as well? If the claims
” Giving negative feedback is always tricky. You don’t know whether they will take it in a constructive manner or forever hold a grudge against you. Especially, when it comes to giving feedbacks to people who churn out creative work, it becomes ten times more difficult. The reason being that the assessment of any kind
” Distractions are everywhere – at home, on the road, and even at the workplace. According to a recent study conducted by Workfront in the UK, most Britons spend less than 40% of their day in performing their duties. If we extrapolate this data to the rest of the world, the figures would undoubtedly be
” Offshoring is considered one of the methods for businesses to achieve globalization without spending a lot of money. After all, the cost of production and operation can spell the difference between a company’s success and failure, and offshoring presents a more cost-effective way. It not only saves money, but also enhances profitability. So it
” The health care industry is one of the top five industries in the world that has gone through a rapid and consistent change in the last five years. Like any other industry, hospitals and healthcare is facing unprecedented competitive pressures. Added to this is the problem of a shrinking talent pool of healthcare professionals, healthcare
” Communication is an essential strategy to shape business trajectory and thereby, an integral aspect of an organisation. A good communication at all levels has the potential to powerfully elevate business success and growth to the next level. Communication helps to initiate transparency, promotes mutual understanding, boosts trust& motivation and builds relationships. It creates an
” Everyone in the organization has it. Finance has Fin Tech. Marketing has Mar Tech. Why can I not have my very own HR Tech? Every year I wait for Santa Claus to give me my gift. And every year I discover that the hype cycle was racing ahead of reality. Will 2017 will finally
” In the 2006 thriller, The Prestige, Michael Caine plays to heart a lesson in magic. It reverberates rather powerfully, enough to draw analogies and parallels in ideas of excellence and businesses alike. The character, a stage engineer, revealed that every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts, each unique and powerful in
” HR Analytics has emerged as one of the hottest trends of 2016 in both business and technology. The current year is going to be even more eventful- realizing the vital role of HR data and its unexplored applications.  Companies are beginning to incorporate robust metrics systems by using digital technologies. These platforms measure and
” Cautious Optimism” is a catchphrase the rewards professionals often use these days to describe the rewards outlook of the company. While there can be various contextual interpretations of the term, it essentially means that the reward budget is scarce and finite and we need to make judicious allocation of the kitty!  As rewards professionals,