” Ola, India’s most popular cab service has announced the appointment of former PepsiCo executive Vishal Kaul as its chief operating officer. He will succeed founding team member Pranay Jivrajka.  In his new role as COO, Kaul will head Ola’s operations, strengthen market leadership, expand its reach to the country and expand the base of
” Alright. You are three espresso shots down. You have already excused yourself [a lot of times!] out of the meeting room to breathe in a dose of fresh air. You traded your super comfortable, reclining chair with your colleague. And, still spacing out? What’s worse is that you were called out just when you
” Human Resources function has been evolving since its inception. They started as personnel and were tasked with maintaining paper and files and ensure people got their salaries. From there they evolved to influence who was hired and fired and promoted in the organization. It’s more than a decade since they got “a seat at
” In the past few years, the role of CHROs has been majorly redefined. They are now expected to play a more strategic role in developing and executing human resource strategies in a way that aligns with the overall business. Furthermore, the reality of digital disruptions is making it essential for the HR leaders to
” By 2025, around 75%  of the global workforce will have grown up in a digital world. What happens when companies can’t pursue market opportunities or have to delay strategic initiatives because they don’t have the talented people they need to execute plans? The cold, hard truth is that they can’t compete, foster and grow.
” “Millions saw apple fall, but Newton asked why” – Bernard Baruch We often notice the most unusual things but never venture further to explore. Wouldn’t you agree? From being highly energetic and mindful, our minds have begun to settle into a very comfortable patterned way of thinking. Due to this, we have lost the
” Hillary Clinton’s shock failure to break the proverbial glass ceiling to the top American administrative post once again turned the world’s collective attention towards the persisting gender skew when it comes to global political leadership. The corporate leadership scene is no different! The 2016 Fortune 500 list shows women holding a meager 4 per
” Shifting careers is often hard to explain. Whether moving from one department to another in our own company or starting over in an entirely different field. The most important step in getting others onboard with your career transition is crafting a compelling narrative. It’s a tool often overlooked by “professional reinventers,” but it can
” When it comes to making an impact on the right set of people, entrepreneurs hold an advantage over the rest of us. First off, they know that not everyone is equally important to them. Second, they’ve been through the process of attracting the right kind of investors to their business. Not every investor brings
” The Indian Information Technology (IT) sector will need to up its present skill set quickly to cater to increasingly important technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. A recent study has claimed that a talent crisis may not be far away, with the present skill set inadequate to cater to the shift in technology