” Cab aggregator Ola’s luxury cab head Abhimanyu Rawal has recently resigned from the company.   Though not confirmed, but as per media reports, he has joined US retail firm.  Rawal during his tenure was responsible for launch and expansion for luxury segment of the company. Ola, in May last year, launched Lux under which
” Learning is a process which is developed best through hands-on experience. With the aim to provide a similar experience to delegates arriving for People Matters L&D League conference 2016, a pre-conference study tour was pioneered by People Matters in collaboration with Genpact.  The format of the tour included real-time case study sessions, along with
” NLC India Ltd. appointed R. Vikraman as new Director HR.  Prior to this, Vikraman was working as the Chief General Manager of Human Resources at NLC India Ltd. During his tenure as HR, he has made vital contributions for the company including crisis management, disciplining the units, ensuring cordial Industrial environment, safeguarding production cost
” If the idea of working nine-to-five and doing the same thing every day sounds monotonous, you might be more suited to freelancing careers.  Freelancing careers may contain more part-time or temporary positions and are commonly used to ensure a more sustainable work-life balance. Freelancers provide excellent opportunities for employers to cut cost and leverage
” Globalization in R&D is here, has been here for some time. Over 94% of the largest innovative companies conduct various elements of their R&D efforts outside of their main base1. Significant changes have also occurred over the past decade with Asia being the leader in terms of in-region spending on R&D2. No longer is