” HIPO programs and HIPO talent as brand ambassadors? Employers that provide career development opportunities are six times more likely to engage their employees than organizations that do not. This establishes a correlation between robust HiPo programs and a top employer brand. And in order to establish this correlation, People Matters, in partnership with Right
” The term “human resource management” (HRM) has been accepted by the Military leadership and over time has been integrated into policy and doctrine formerly used to describe the functions of “personnel management” and “personnel administration.” Military HRM is the major component of the it’s overall HRM operations. It has evolved from a supporting role
” It was companies like Adobe & Cargill who announced back in 2012 replacement of the annual performance review with frequent –check-ins and feedbacks. Cargill in fact named its program – everyday performance management. However this trend is now slowly catching up with companies like Deloitte, Accenture and GE (The father of the annual performance
” Job-related expertise is essential in any profession and in many other careers. Whether or not you are successful in your career may depend on how you relate to other people and to work: the so-called soft skills or the people skills. Over the last twenty to thirty years, understanding has grown that perhaps the
” Larry Page, Google’s parent company Alphabet’s CEO is pronounced as most powerful CEO by Forbes. His company has earned market capitalization of over $550 billion. He is using his personal finance to fund ambitious projects such as flying-car startups. During his first tenure as CEO, Page chronicled certain management tenants for his team to
” The word Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person’s “course or progress through life” and this is one such journey which evokes a thousand emotions. So how does one prepare for a journey as personal and unique as this?  Preparation paves the path for success, here’s a list of a
” Women have never had it easy throughout history. Right until the 1970’s, they were shunned out of the economy. Things haven’t changed entirely, but some change is visible at the workplace. However, a lot more remains to be addressed so far as the pay-parity and professional-parity are concerned. But the question remains – are
” None of us are immune to distractions for there’s one (or more) always lurking around the corner. They pop-up in form of sounds (think phones!), underlying emotions (think hunger or anger!) or errant thoughts (like ‘I deserve a break!’) which you can easily bin, but you choose not to. Eventually you lose focus and
” Personality predicts leadership. Greater understanding of the nuances of a personality can help us predict leadership style. Psychologist, Hogon R gave social analytical theory, which suggests that human beings are driven by three primary motives – First, their need to get along; second, their need to get ahead i.e. desire of status and power;
” In today’s dynamic world or the ‘VUCA’ world — characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; strategic decision making is increasingly critical. In an era of disruptive change when even the most established business models come under threat; organisations need to make good strategic decisions and then deliver on their choices. The need to