” ‘Tis the season’ to celebrate, and no matter how much you abhor socialising with your co-workers, you will attend at least one Christmas or New Year’s party soon. But, being in a room full of people, you probably recognise by face, but no nothing about, can be daunting. Matters are much worse at conferences
” There’s a lot that happens at work. You get to meet different people, plan lunch, coffee breaks and team celebrations, partake in impromptu brain-storming sessions, head over to your colleague’s desk in case you need their advice and so much more. But, here you are working from home and flustered about how to bond
” Bersin by Deloitte’s research “High-Impact Leadership: The New Leadership Development Model” surveyed more than 2000 global HR and business leaders to establish leadership development maturity and highlights the need for organizations to reform how they develop their leaders.   Source: People Matters
” It takes three years for fresh recruits to finally become Navy Seals after going through some of the most rigorous training that tests their physical and mental abilities to the limits of human endurance and beyond. It may seem sensible for Navy Seals to develop their mental stamina just as much as they would
” In the current job market where millions of new candidates enter the workforce every year, organisations are desperately working towards building an effective recruitment process. This involves finding the right talent and limiting the risk of a bad hire and the aftermath that follows. The task of getting the right talent on-board in a
” Success never comes on a platter. Sometimes, it comes quite early on and many a times a bit late, but what can make a huge difference is how we choose to build our capabilities over time. There are a plethora of personal competencies which are considered as leadership essentials. What I have endeavored to
” Recently, most countries have persistent Job shortage and Unemployment problem. And apparently, since the employment does not increase while the economy grows, this phenomenon called as ‘Jobless Growth’. Due to chronic high unemployment in most countries, it has become as important and imminent question in Economics, how Employment growth is affected by Economic growth.
” ‘A person who is in charge of a worker or organization’ – that is how Oxford chooses to define a boss, but as anyone who has worked with one will confirm, bosses are much more complex than that.  Unlike many things in world, all bosses do not fall into two neat categories of ‘good’
” Being comfortable in your job and having a set routine to your work isn’t a bad thing, as long as that comfort doesn’t turn complacent and the routine doesn’t get boring. Even the most learned professionals and successful employees might fail to acknowledge stagnation in their career, even if it was staring them right
” Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to our thoughts and feeling without judging them and this is the biggest differentiator in those who go on to becoming ‘first amongst equals’. Being mindful, being conscious of who we are and what drives us is one of the most powerful anchors in life. One of