” Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Unfortunately, not only does our conventional performance assessment system make one climb up but also makes them climb down. Not sure what
” Many of us look with awe at the most successful people on the planet and wonder how much work did they have to put in to get where they are. People like Elon Musk and Richard Branson boast about their 100-hour weeks. We may argue that these 100-hour weeks allowed them to reach the
” Following their successful stint of going public, Quess Corp recently made the news again with them acquiring Manipal Integrated Services, promoted by Ranjan Pai. This move comes in a line of a host of investments done by Quess to expands its business line. In recent months, these have come to include purchasing significant stakes
” “You look gorgeous, Honey!’ ‘Anything for you…but..’ ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ ‘It was only a joke; one should learn to enjoy!’ What happens when these words are spoken in the wrong place and in the wrong tone? Have you received complaints and grievances regarding such remarks from colleagues? How
” On this HR marketplace interview, People Matters talks to Kiran Kumar, Founding Member, and Chief Sales Officer, PeopleStrong about the journey that the company has had in the face of a dynamic technology evolution, the latest innovations that the company has introduced and the leading trends in the HR marketplace. Mr. Kiran also talks about the evolution of TechHR conference and
” Led by travel and hospitality sector, hiring has regained its momentum and surged by 10% in November 2016. This is the highest month-on-month rise reported in 2016, so far. Prior to this August had seen an 8% rise in talent demand. It is refreshing to see a positive change in the recruitment trend as
” Day one of IIT placement saw global recruiters offering job positions up to Rs 1.2 Crores to students.  All the tech giants including Uber, Microsoft, Oracle, NTT communications and Rocket fuel were keen onboarding best engineering graduates from the premier institute.  As per media reports , IIT placement sources are claiming that  companies like
” Organizations often find themselves in crossroads that necessitates transformation. In this case study, Makarand Khatavkar talks about the process of redesigning the talent acquisition function at Kotak Mahindra bank after its merger with the ING Vysya bank. He speaks about how they had to rethink processes and systems to create capabilities which can support
” When it comes to making highly informed business decisions, board members, executives and decision-makers are often faced with separate reporting solutions that present data in a static, isolated way. But with change in various aspects in the business world, traditional meeting is also on the way to transformation. Having said this, you can now
” The office opposite to mine is quite unique. They have a 25+ seater and it already hosts more than  5 organizations and couple of them are start – ups. They share office space, internet, bean bags, white boards, projector, and interestingly a TT table as well (Which they have generously asked us to use