” In a booming economy such as that of India, retaining employees is crucial for any organization as the investment is high. With increase in competition and the availability of multiple opportunities, it is believed that employees are increasingly becoming less patient and more prone to switching jobs. This trend is detrimental for an organization,
” It is no secret that communication is the essence of growth and some of the most successful companies and people lay great emphasis on effective communications. Research indicates that to achieve a high degree of effectiveness in professional communications, leaders not only have to rely on facts and figures, but should also be able
” According to India Intent Hiring Survey, Maharashtra ranks among the top three states in terms of skills related to numerical and logical ability, computer literacy and English language making it the most preferred hiring destination.  What is the study? The survey was part of India Skills report 2017, a joint initiative by PeopleStrong, Wheebox
” In this talk, Terry Traut shares 23 tips to help make leadership development programs more effective. Noting that leadership development is not a journey and not a destination, he highlights the necessary ingredients that companies need to pay attention to,  right from gaining the senior executive buy-in, the need for simplicity in the program
” Some perpetual issues that most corporates face are lack of ready talent to meet corporate requirement, attrition, and lack of sustainable solutions to address these issues. Should global organizations be affected by situations like this? Certainly, not!  When there is a will, there is a way! Let’s have a closer look at Genpact’s innovative
” A Bangalore based technology company, Forus Health, appointed Arun Krishnan as its new chief technology officer. The company is famed for its low-cost retinal imaging screener called as ‘3nethra’, which is a technological innovation for screening eye problems that can lead to blindness.   Prior to this, Krishnan had worked with medical technology company
” Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the snap announcement of 500 and 1000 rupee notes of becoming invalid, there aroused a series of chaos among the public in exchanging their old currencies or withdrawing money from ATM.  Although the government and Reserve Bank of India have introduced an array of measures to ease
” A systemic approach to cultural transformation inherently holds the promise of sustainable results. It is like stating the obvious. Why then, is it almost as mythical as a unicorn for most organizations? Why then, do most culture-related studies report depressing rates of success for major culture change initiatives globally?The good news is that along
” In this talk, Foo Chek Wee, the Group HR Director, SEA and Hong Kong, Zalora, a leading E-commerce company in South East Asia talks about how the company approaches its learning strategy to tackle the millennial workforce. Apart from the components of employee engagement, performance management and career development, Wee highlights how the company
” Every time you are endlessly scrolling for job postings, you are likely to come across new and creative, and sometimes borderline cryptic, job titles for the same old job profile. In fact this trend has really caught the eye of recruiters in the last few years, but, if a recent study is anything to