” Most leading corporations today have invested significant time and money into creating robust diversity initiatives. Having understood the relevancy of acquiring, training and retaining diverse talent, companies today have begun restructuring their culture and internal processes, especially in the case of women employees.  As a diverse workforce brings in a strategic advantage to organizations
” A critical function within the realm of HR, L&D plays a crucial role in attracting, building and retaining talent. In a recent webinar with People Matters, Kieran King, Vice President of Global Customer Insight at Skillsoft, shared that “the more a company’s learning and talent agenda align with the overall business strategy and integrate
” Richard Rekhy, CEO of KPMG India, disclosed his intention to retire from the company.  As per media reports, Rekhy wrote a mail to KPMG employees, where he mentioned that, he has advised the KPMG Inida Board of his decision to retire as India CEO.  For now Richard Rekhy will continue to be CEO of
” Change is an integral and inevitable part of business. It’s needed to ensure that constant evolution and improvement essential for business growth is never hampered in any way. Change management has emerged as a term that encompasses every aspect of organizational change. It is a crucial element of any new initiative and those who
” We all know patience is a virtue. But how many of corporate denizens can claim to be patient enough for their jobs? Irrespective of what we’ve been taught, and what we’ve experienced, most people often overlook the importance of patience in their personal and professional lives. Some even believe that impatience is a sign
” All of us want our people to say ‘I love my job!’ But unfortunately that doesn’t come easy. It comes with a lot of hard work and an investment of time, energy and emotions. For many organizations and managers, this does seem like a futile endeavor and not really an investment. For them, ensuring
” Globalization is the cornerstone of the present economic world. While cultural, political and socio-economic differences make management challenges continuously evolve and innovate, there is a growing demand for organizations to be nimble and adapt to challenges on a global scale to ensure its success and sustainability. Every organization, big or small, must build a business
” One of the leading professional networking sites, Linkedin signs an agreement with HRD ministry to generate more jobs opportunities for students in India. As per the MOU signed between them, Linkedin’s Placements product will be adopted by all Indian colleges that will be associated with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).  After giving
” LinkedIn, which is one platform for networking for professionals, is adding a service that provides members with pay information for a variety of jobs. On Wednesday, the company launched its first such tool called “LinkedIn Salary,” which lets users anonymously submit and view salary information across fields. It shows which companies are paying higher
” Is this the right title for any article? Isn’t it showing my rebellious nature or might create more rebellions out there? These are a few thoughts which came into my mind when I decided to write on this after a brief conversation with my husband where I stubbornly said “I don’t follow rules” but