” One of the critical talent problems faced by our industry is ‘Developing Leaders’. Identifying and addressing this problem is one aspect and further acting on developing leadership attributes is another.  The attempt should be to identify a leadership model which is suitable for India. The 4-H leadership model by Manfred Kets de Vries talks
” Online mobile wallet major Paytm announced that K Guru Gowrappan, global managing director of the Alibaba Group, will join its board as an additional director. This marks the third top-level appointment in the digital wallet firm during the last one week with the motive of cementing ties with its largest investor.  In his new
” Today officially marks the beginning of the busiest, loudest, and flashiest week of the Indian calendar. The next five, or so, days will be spent exchanging greetings, gorging on food, and spending time with family and friends. Although a majority of companies will be shut during this period, today will be marked by a
” The tradition of a mentor helping a young mentee gain skill, hone talent and use it to successfully earn a living has been prevalent for centuries. With the robust changes in structures of the society and lifestyles, this practice too witnessed a decline, and apprenticeships – the biggest propeller of the mentor-mentee relationship –
” In today’s fast paced and extremely competitive world, the younger generation is very demanding in terms of their expectations from the employer.  Majority of the graduates’ desires high package with benefits and lucrative position without understanding the challenging job responsibilities attached to that position.  They requires key skills, knowledge and advancing technology to handle
” Over 70% of your people consider opportunities for development as the most critical factor in choosing to stay with the organization. Add to that, nearly 80% say they would remain longer if they could see a career path within their current organization. In this webinar organized by People Matters in association with Tym Lawrence,
” The TATA Crucible Corporate Quiz is one of India’s largest and most widely telecast business quizzes. It draws participants from diverse companies and sectors. Atul Agarwal, Vice President – TATA Sons notes that “The main objective of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz is to bring together bright minds from across the country on a common
” Eversheds and Winwark’s survey reported that HR functions, in general, scored just over 3 out of 5 for their level of preparedness to meet organizational needs and requirements in the year 20201. The question remains how the business will rate HR preparedness for 2020. HR faces the challenge of keeping up with a constantly
” From the theoretical point of view, skilling means to train someone in your organization; learning the ability to take on the task with predetermined result. The predetermined result does not necessarily means – what your board is expecting it includes customers and employees of the organization as well. Employees need to possess comprehensive knowledge,
” In an in-house training at an organization, all the members were asked to submit their mobiles to refrain them from using for a time period of 1 hr. This announcement made the members present in the room to almost jump out of their skin. This is the extent of addiction to digital technology so much